The Art Of Logging Out


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Need some relaxation but don't have the time? Know somebody that does? Nothing to entertain you whilst you poop?

This hilarious toilet humour book is small enough to fit in most bags, allowing you to sit back on your throne and indulge in style (and stench). The art of logging out is all about switching off, shutting down and relaxing on the toilet with a good thought provoking book.
This 96 page book will help you escape into tranquillity and rest your mind all whilst aiding you to re-energise, loosen your focus and your bowel too.
This little blue book will make an entertaining gift all year round, perfect as a stocking filler, secret santa, funny birthday gift, or just a little everyday gift.

"Why does opportunity always seem to knock at the most inopportune moment?" - The Art Of Logging Out

Funny novelty gift book.

  • Depth : 17.90 cm
  • Height : 0.90 cm
  • Width : 12.00 cm
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