Sink The Floater

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MAKE A SPLASH AND GO HEAD TO HEAD IN THIS FAST-PACED POO THEMED GAME! Use problem solving to sink your enemies (floaters) and win! This hilarious take on the classic game, 'Sink The Floater' challenges you to use memory and strategy to outwit your opponent and sink their floaters down the toilet bowl! Containing a hilarious toilet-shaped foldable board, 10 poos in various sizes, and 252 plunger pegs (84 red and 168 white), this poo-themed novelty board game is a hilarious fun toilet humour gift for kids and adults alike! HOW TO PLAY: 1. Each player gets 5 poos, 42 red pegs and 84 white pegs each. Place the poos strategically on the flat toilet bowl board. 2. Take turns to guess where the other player's floaters are. If you are correct, mark that spot on the upright board with a red plunger! If you are incorrect, mark it with white. 3. The winner is the first player to successfully sink all of the opponent's poos, so get flushing!


  • Depth : 21.30 cm
  • Height : 6.40 cm
  • Width : 21.00 cm


  • SINK THE STINK - Use your guessing skills and strategy to sink your opponent's floaters in this hilarious fast-paced take on a classic game! Simply take turns guessing the location of the logs - get it right and mark it with a red plunger! Wrong? Use a white one! Be the first to sink all of the poos to win this funny toilet humour board game!
  • UNDER THE LID - This hilarious toilet humour game includes 1 foldable playing board, 10 fun poo pegs (of different sizes) and 252 plunger pegs - definitely not something to be sniffed at!
  • PORTA-POTTY - This awesome fun kids board game folds away, making it a great travel game for kids!
  • HILARIOUS GAME FOR KIDS - This funny awesome board game is the perfect toilet humour gift for kids on their birthday or at Christmas!

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