Scratch off - 52 Things To Do Midlife Crisis

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Stuck in a rut? Think you've reached the dreaded stage of your mid-life crisis? With our fun Scratch Off Mid Life Crisis Activity Poster you can begin to check off the tell-tale signs that perhaps...you've reached this milestone! Whether you know people who have just bought gaudy shirts or flashy cars, this hilarious tongue in cheek novelty gift is perfect for friends and family 'adjusting' to their middle-age in a conventional, or not, manner. Get creative with your crisis!

IN A CRISIS - This fun, tongue-in-cheek 'Mid Life Crisis' Scratch Off Poster is sure to get any middle-aged person laughing!

NO SHAME - As you navigate through your middle age, proudly scratch off the poster in a bucket-list style, until you reach peak crisis point!

HILARIOUS MILESTONES - With activites and life milestones ranging from stereotypical to downright silly, our Mid Life Crisis Scratch Off Poster is the most entertaining way to embrace this new chapter with a smile on your face!

PERFECTLY PACKAGED - Coming in a protective gift tube, this poster is protected against most things…apart from the wrath of middle age!

HILARIOUS GIFT FOR FRIENDS - Whether you're buying it as a funny gift for a friend or a stocking filler for siblings, this poster is a great interactive novelty gift for any adult worried about their age! It makes an especially cheeky 40th birthday gift if you dare...

  • Depth : 6.00 cm
  • Height : 33.00 cm
  • Width : 6.00 cm
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