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Feeling thorny? Got a friend with a saucy succulent? For the perfect novelty gift, look no further than our hilarious 'Put Some Plants On!' plant pot range! This cheeky pot is shaped like the female anatomy, and featuring awesome graphic text that says 'I Like Big Buds', this funny plant pot is a great unique gift for friends on their birthday! Perfect as a desk accessory or silly talking point in the house, this pot is a fabulous way to add some fun to your foliage!

GET SAUCY WITH YOUR SEEDLINGS - Shaped like a female body and featuring hilarious pop-art style text decals, this funny plant pot is a must-have home or desk accessory for plant lovers!

I LIKE BIG BUDS - The ceramic planter features a cheeky text decal stating 'I Like Big Buds', referring to the plant of course!

DARING INTERIOR DESIGN - These neutral white and black plant pots are suited to any room, making them an awesome versatile gift, whilse still adding some naughtiness to your decor!

PERFECT AS A DESK ACCESSORY - These plant pots are super versatile due ot their size and colour, and make fabulous desk accessories for friends and colleagues!

GREAT UNIQUE GIFT FOR FRIENDS! - Our 'Put Some Plants On!' pots are the perfect quirky, funny and unique gift for plant owning friends, family and colleagues looking to add some spice to their special day!

  • Depth : 12.00 cm
  • Height : 10.50 cm
  • Width : 10.00 cm
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