Poo Timer For Your Bathroom

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Times up…get wiping! Perfect for homes that usually have a queue for the bathroom, this hilarious toilet themed poo timer will shorten loo times as you race against the clock, aiming to beat the five minute limit! Bright blue and star-shaped, this eye catching sand timer comes with handy suction pads which stick to most surfaces. Complete in fun, bright gift packaging, this is the ultimate novelty gift for whiffy friends, family and colleagues who takes a lifetime on the bog to get them off the throne and back at their desk. Control the queue for the loo with a poo timer!


  • Depth : 11.20 cm
  • Height : 16.00 cm
  • Width : 3.00 cm


  • Stop the bathroom hoggers and cut down toilet times with this hilarious 5 minute poo timer!
  • Bright blue and star-shaped, this plastic bathroom tool comes with a suction pad to easily stick to surfaces (Can't be used to unblock the bog)
  • Complete with fun and bright gift packaging, this is the ultimate novelty sand timer for someone who takes forever on the toilet.
  • Perfect for friends, family and colleagues on their birthday, as a secret Santa gift or as a reminder to plop to it!
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 3.8cm (The timer, not the poo)
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