Pillow Talk Intimate Card Game (12CDU)

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Explore your deepest desires and carnal fantasies with this thrilling and passionate card game for couples. Take it in turns to learn more about each other, with erotic questions and lustful forfeits, make your own rules as you take the time to discover one another. Perfect for Valentines, Anniversaries or just for pleasure. With 54 arousing cards to play, you’re sure to have a romantic and intimate night of fun!

ROMANTIC CARD GAME - A fun, sexy and intimate card game for lovers!

THRILLING CONTENT - With 54 cards full of erotic questions & passionate forfeits, you’re sure to go on an intimate voyage of discovery.

DISCOVER YOUR PARTNER - Find and explore you and your partner's deepest desires.

THE PERFECT LUSTFUL GIFT - A passionate gift for Anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just for a thrilling night of erotic romance!

  • Depth : 9.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 6.00 cm
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