Nosey Parkers - Game

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Did lockdown get your neighbours all up in your business? Or maybe you're the curtain-twitcher who knows all of the neighbourhood gossip. It’s time to find out who the biggest Nosey Parker is with this hilarious family board game! Roll the dice to move into different houses on your street, and try to get to the bottom of all the neighbourhood nuisance! Work your way around the board to different houses, before quizzing the neighbourhood residents (other players) on the local gossip! Were your suspicions correct?! Who did the act, what on earth were they doing, and lastly…where in the street did this happen! The aim is to be the nosiest parker…and find the truth the quickest! Be warned though…guess incorrectly and you’re out of the game!
Complete with 9 character token, 36 cards (9 character cards, 9 location cards and 18 scenario cards), 2 dice, notebook sheets and a confidential case file envelope, this game is a hilarious family-friendly board game – the perfect whodunit gift for family and friends!

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Find out the neighbourhood gossip with this hilarious Family Game! Roll the dice and move around the board and quiz your fellow players to get to the bottom of the street suspicions! Who was it? What were they doing? Where did it happen? Become the nosiest parker to win!

GAME CONTAINS - With 9 character cards, 9 location cards and 18 scenario cards to work through, the combinations are endless! Packed with 2 dice, notebook sheets to jot your suspicions, and a confidential case file envelope, there is everything you need for your investigation!

SCANDAL ON THE STREET - Did little Johnny post poo through the letterbox of No. 10? Or did Elizabeth steal the cat from Toffington Manor? Whatever the hilarious gossip is, get to the bottom of it and solve the mystery with this hilarious novelty family fun board game!

GREAT GIFT FOR FAMILIES - Nosey Parker is the perfect gift for families wanting a fun and cheeky game to play together on birthdays, or at Christmas!

  • Depth : 20.00 cm
  • Height : 5.00 cm
  • Width : 20.00 cm
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