Memories of a Wartime Childhood in London


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In this vivid memoir, Douglas Model tells the incredible true story of his wartime childhood in Wembley amidst the horrors of the Blitz. Contrasting his peaceful infant life – which included a hiking holiday to Nazi Germany in 1934 – with the terrors of war, Douglas remembers his schooling, friendships and childhood mischief alongside the everyday realities of bombing raids, gas masks and rationing.

Memories of a Wartime Childhood in London provides an invaluable account of significant wartime events through the eyes of a child, including the fall of France, the Dunkirk evacuation, the horrifying discoveries of Nazi concentration camps and, at long last, the sweetness of Allied victory.

Format: Paperback

  • Depth : 19.80 cm
  • Height : 0.00 cm
  • Width : 12.90 cm
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