Maths Tricks to Blow Your Mind

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What is 4% of 75? Can you calculate 60 + 60 x 0 + 1? Which is bigger, an 18-inch pizza or two 12-inch pizzas? Join award-winning maths presenter Kyle D Evans on an entertaining tour of viral maths problems that have gone wild on social media in recent years. From the infamous 'Hannah's sweets' exam question to percentages 'life-hacks', viral maths problems seem to capture the public's imagination without fail. In Maths Tricks to Blow Your Mind, Kyle presents over 50 viral maths problems with background information, explanations and solutions to similar problems, all in a humorous, accessible and inclusive manner. Want to dazzle and delight your friends and family? This book shows you how!


  • Depth : 19.80 cm
  • Height : 12.90 cm
  • Width : 1.50 cm


Format: Hardback Extent: 224pp

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