Let's Bake It! Kids Baking Set


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Who doesn't love baking together? After all, it is love made edible! Bake together with Boxer to show that with our fun 'Let's Bake It' Kid's Baking Set, any kid can be a mini baker or budding chef!
This fun set includes a colourful book filled with 15 easy to follow recipes and rating score sheets, so after you bake together, you can rate and rank your favourite creations and discover which you found tastiest! Also included is a colourful child's baking apron with the words 'Let's Bake It', because we know that baking can be messy! Perfect as a fun kids birthday gift and family activity, our baking set helps make memories and bake delicious treats as a team!

LET'S BAKE IT! - This awesome fun children's baking set is complete with a recipe and rating book filled with tasty treats to bake together, and a fun apron with the words 'Let's Bake It' on it!

RATE AS YOU BAKE! - The fun kid-friendly recipe book filled with 15 delicious recipes and score cards, so you can rate your favourite recipes on their difficulty and tastiness, and make the best ones again and again!

AWESOME FAMILY ACTIVITY - This kit is designed for kids to make memories with parents, siblings, and grandparents - so bake together and make memories together!

FUN ACTIVITY GIFT FOR KIDS - This Kids making Kit is the perfect gift for kids, and activity to do together - great for birthdays or at Christmas!

  • Depth : 24.00 cm
  • Height : 4.00 cm
  • Width : 13.20 cm
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