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Think you know it all? Got what it takes to sabotage your rival’s chance of victory? Then this is the game for you! Use the power of knowledge and all the tactics up your sleeve to stop your foes from winning, all while answering varied topic questions and collecting lightbulbs. Roll the dice and select a player to answer the question on the card. Get it right and you both win a lightbulb. But be careful… once a player gets to 4 lightbulbs, they have the chance to answer the final ‘Bright Spark’ question and claim the title ‘Mater of Tactics’! With over 160 playing cards, 40 lightbulb counters and 1 dice, this brutal yet fun party game is a necessity when getting together with friends and family. This hilarious game makes the perfect gift for a tactical friend on their Birthday or at Christmas! (WARNING: We are not liable for any arguments that might occur when playing this game.) Example Cards: ‘I Know, You know’ card: Where was the singer Rihanna born? a) Jamaica, b) Cuba, c) Puerto Rica, d) Barbados ‘I Know, You know’ card: Which human organ contains the most fat? a) Lungs, b) Stomach, c) Heart, d) Brain ‘Sabotage’ card: If a player picks this card, they can steal one lightbulb from a player of their choice. ‘No Know’ card: If a player picks this card, they lose one lightbulb.


  • Depth : 7.00 cm
  • Height : 20.00 cm
  • Width : 12.00 cm


ARE YOU THE MASTER OF TACTICS? – Think you’re tactical enough to go head to head and defeat your rivals? This is a funny yet brutal card game of knowledge and sabotage!

USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE – Roll the dice and select a player to answer the question. But choose wisely… the subjects on the cards are across different topics. If the player gets right, you both win a lightbulb otherwise neither of you win a lightbulb!

SABOTAGE YOUR RIVALS – Use sabotage cards to steal lightbulbs, or purposely get questions wrong to keep them lagging behind. Use all the tactics up your sleeve to keep the other players from winning.

A BRUTAL PARTY GAME – Perfect for get togethers with family and friends, this hilarious tactical card game makes the ultimate gift on a Birthday or at Christmas!

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