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HumbleBrag is a fun trivia card game challenging you to raise the stakes and bluff - or brag - your way to victory!

1. Play any topic card from your hand, and brag about how many of that thing you can name in 60 seconds.
2. The next player has to either play a new card with a higher number - or challenge you to prove whether your play was a boast or a bluff!
3. Make good on your claim, and your doubter has to pick up all the cards. But be careful: if your mind goes blank under pressure - or if you were bluffing all along - you have to take them yourself!
4. First Player to empty their hand wins!

In this fun, fast-paced game (made from CUT Games, the creators of Truth or Drink), your brains, or your bluff, will be tested! With 300 prompt cards to choose from, including pasta shapes, breeds of dog, sci-fi movies that don't have sequels, and Coca-Cola products, there really is something for all generations, making is perfect for a family games night. Or if you're looking for fun card games for adults to play on a boozy games night, or family quiz games to play at Christmas or over the festive season, HumbleBrag is perfect!

BLUFF AND BRAG - Play a topic card, and brag about how many of that thing you can name in 60 seconds, and the next player must raise you with a new card, or call your bluff!

GREAT GAME FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS - If you're looking for card games for adults on a boozy night in, or family games to play at Christmas, HumbleBrag is a versatile game for everyone!

QUICK PLAY GAME - This fun card game, made in collaboration with CUT Games, is fast-paced and lively, and easy to pick up, perfect for bringing round to any celebration to be played in a group!

MADE BY CUT - HumbleBrag features 300 prompt cards to choose from, including cereal mascots, breeds of dog, and Meryl Streep movies, there are opportunities for everyone to bluff or brag to victory!

BLUFF OR BUST? - If your bluff is called, and you fail to name the number of items you claimed, you must pick up all cards in the pile, but if you succeed, the player who called you out must pick up!

  • Depth : 13.00 cm
  • Height : 18.30 cm
  • Width : 7.10 cm
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