How 90s Are You? 90s Trivia Cards


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Calling all 90s kids! From grunge to raves, 90s heartthrobs to sporting icons, how much do you know about the 90s? With 52 large format cards and a dice included, you can test yourself and challenge your friends to see who is the most 90s at heart, simply roll the dice and answer one of 6 questions! With over 300 questions to answer across 6 question categories, including TV and Film, Sports, Music, and General Knowledge, our 90s themed trivia card game makes the perfect novelty gift for friends and family!

BACKSTREET'S BACK - Our fun Better In My Day 90s Trivia Cards Game is perfect for friends and family who have 90s fever! Simply roll the dice, answer the question, and see who is the champion of the decade!

ROLL THE DICE - This trivia game includes a 6-sided dice and 52 large format playing cards, each containing 6 possible categories: TV and Film, Music, Sports, Politics, General Knowledge, and True or False - something for everyone!

RETRO DESIGN - This game is presented in a bright, fun gift box, so it can stand out on any shelf or games cabinet!

NEVER ENDING FUN - With over 300 questions to choose from, the fun goes on and on!

GREAT RETRO GIFT FOR FRIENDS - If you have a friend who loves the 1990s, this is the perfect fun novelty gift for decade obsessed people of all ages!

  • Depth : 15.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 9.00 cm
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