Crime Puzzles

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In 60-Second Brainteaser:Crime Puzzles, you are the detective. The worst of society is getting away with murder and only your keen sense of logic and sharp eye for suspicious details can stop them. As the chief crime scene investigator, you must correctly determine the answer to the question at the end of each of the 65 crime stories inside the book. In it you will peer over the medical examiner's shoulder as an autopsy is performed, you will listen carefully to the testimony of a toolmark expert, you will evaluate all of the gory details in front of you until you're sure that you can solve the puzzle. Each of the crime stories will test your knowledge of DNA analysis, suspect identification, forensic pathology, toxicology, and more.

Low cost, low risk for entry, puzzle books are ideal for anyone with a few minutes commuting, waiting for appointments, or looking to challenge their brain.

Brand new gift package with brand new illustrations for this previously best-selling puzzle book.

The author, Diane Vogt, is a former laywer and current best-selling mystery novelist.

  • Depth : 19.40 cm
  • Height : 0.80 cm
  • Width : 14.40 cm
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