Pooping Nessie

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Turn one of the biggest monster myths into a reality with our funny Pooping Nessie kids toy! Filled with delicious jelly beans, disguised as Nessie's poo, this fun poop gift is a hilarious mini monster! Simply push on the loch ness monster's tail and watch delicious jelly sweets fall out! If you run out, you can refill with your favourite sweets of your choice, making this poo gift endless fun! Placed within colourful loch ness themed packaging, this Pooping Nessie looks right at home, and makes a great quality fun poo gift for kids of all ages! Uncover the myths and enjoy delicious jelly beans with your new loch ness monster novelty toy!

NAUGHTY NESSIE - This loch ness themed fun kids toy is an adorable loch ness monster filled with delicious jelly bean 'poo', making it a great poo gift for kids!

MYSTICAL PACKAGING - Placed within awesome loch ness themed packaging, our Pooping Nessie loch ness monster toy looks right at home, and looks great on any shelf, sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

CAUSE A STINK - Once all of the jelly bean poo has run out, you can refill with your favourite bite-sized sweets, so this funny poop gift is endless yummy fun for kids!

JELLY BEAN GIFT FOR KIDS - This Pooping Nessie toy is filled with jelly beans ready for Nessie to poo out with a simple push on its tail! These fun toy poo jelly sweets are a delicious treat for kids!

GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS - This hilarious poop toy makes the perfect joke poo gift for kids, as a pocket money toy or pick up gift at Christmas, or on their birthday!

  • Depth : 12.00 cm
  • Height : 12.00 cm
  • Width : 6.00 cm
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