Bring The Wild Into Your Garden

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Show nature the kindness it deserves Whether you long to see butterflies flit across your flowerbeds or hear birdsong all year round, there’s something endlessly rewarding about playing host to wildlife. With practical projects and helpful tips for gardens big and small, this guide will help boost local biodiversity and benefit countless native species. Learn how to: Choose the best type of bird feeder and seed for your feathered friends Build natural habitats and provide shelter for all manner of insects Make sugaring recipes to attract butterflies and moths Select the right pollinator plants for bees in every season Wherever you do it – on a balcony, in a garden or across acres of land – you too can create the perfect sanctuary for an abundance of creatures.


  • Depth : 19.60 cm
  • Height : 17.60 cm
  • Width : 1.80 cm


Format: Hardback Extent: 144pp

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