Wonder Women: Be Inspired By The Lives Of Iconic Women To Inspire A New Generation

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Meet 14 inspirational women who dared to dream. From historical world leaders to modern pioneers and international muses, hear the amazing life-stories of women around the world. Created by an all-women team and beautifully illustrated by internationally renowned artists, Wonder Women will inspire, empower and awe. From Cleopatra to Amelia Earhart and Malala Yousafzai, learn about powerful and adventurous women through history. Covering female leaders from ancient times to modern-day heroes, Wonder Women is the ultimate guide to empowered women. Portraits created by hand-picked, contemporary illustrators, clear, compelling text and inspirational quotes bring these women's achievements vividly to life, and relate their stories back to those of young girls today.


  • Depth : 1.40 cm
  • Height : 35.00 cm
  • Width : 27.00 cm


  • New book for Autumn 2019!!
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