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WHAT WOULD BOUDICA DO? is available to buy in increments of 3


Channel the outstanding sisters of history to beat the system today.


  • An inspiring and irreverent gift and humour book for Xmas 2018. Illustrated B-Format HB (the perfect size to lob at Trump's head!)
  • Includes 50 newly-commissioned illustrations: Bijou Karman is a fashion illustrator who has worked with Urban Outfitters, Grazia, Vanity Fair and has a significant fan base and 60k followers on Instagram.
  • Smart, funny, and well-connected authors. They are building a twitter profile, have plans to write a regular agony aunt column and launch campaign for a blue plaque for one of the women in the book. They have a cracking sales track record too: Homework for Grown-Ups (60,254 hbks, 5,211 pbks) and Advanced Homework for Grown-Ups (10,056 hbks).
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