What Coco Chanel Can Teach You about Fashion

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If Coco Chanel were to give a masterclass on design, creativity and attitude, what wisdom would she impart? Discover the life, work and legacy of Chanel in this sharply curated biography focusing on artistic spirit. ChanelÕs ethos captured the imagination of post-war women, releasing them from the corseted silhouette and changing what we wore forever. But how did Chanel think? How did her experiences shape her creative career? And how was her no-holds-barred attitude reflected in her work?ÊWhat Coco Chanel Can Teach You About FashionÊbreaks down Chanel's life and work into memorable maxims that epitomise her ground-breaking perspective Ð including Poverty Can Be Luxury, Rebel Against Your Rivals, Find Your Spirit Animal and Twist Textile Traditions. This book uncovers Chanel's creative approach, her inspirations, her business acumen and the details that make her designs so timeless.


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