Wackisnapz Nm Abigail

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Wackisnapz are a funky new addition to Boxer's range - with a massive choice of 100 boys names and 100 girls names! These snap bracelets are the next generation of fashion accessories for the younger generation.


  • Depth : 21.50 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 12.00 cm


  • With their distinctive snap action, Wakisnapz bands can be snapped onto almost anything from wrists and ankles to bags and drinks bottles. They are bold, colourful and perfect for fashion followers with an anything goes attitude towards accessories.
  • In todays fashion culture, influential icons like Lady Gaga inspire and influence people to explore their own individually, meaning these truly unique Snap-Bands will definitely be snapped up in no time!
  • Available in 200 different names: 100 boys and 100 girls!
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