Vodka Squirter

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Just when you think a night out with the girls can't get any more fun, along comes the Vodka Shot Squirter! It holds approx. 500ml of drinking fun for Hen Parties, Birthday Nights Out and any time the Girls hit the Town! It's the new, fun drinking gift for all Girls on the Town who want to squirt a bit of fun into the night. It holds approx. 500ml of your chosen tipple and is easily transported around town, thanks to its handy handbag clip. It even comes with a fun measurement guide helping you know when you might be a Bit Tiddly, Falling Over, Wasted and when you'll probably need somebody to Hold Your Hair While You're Sick!


  • Depth : 9.00 cm
  • Height : 26.00 cm
  • Width : 15.00 cm


  • The perfect, fun drinking gift for a Hen Party, Birthday Night Out or for any time the Girls hit the Town!
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