Vodka Made Me Do It

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Vodka is the perfect spirit that can turn almost any combination of mixer, juice and garnish into a bold and boozy beverage. Clear in colour and crisp to taste, some of the most famous cocktails are vodkabased. From the punchy Moscow Mule and the pink-hued Cosmopolitan, to the sweet-smooth Espresso Martini and the Bloody Mary pick-me-up, this beautifully illustrated book shows off the best of vodka cocktails that are fun and easy to make. In Vodka Made Me Do It seasoned mixologist, writer and cocktail consultant Colleen Graham explains everything you need to know about this versatile spirit: how to make tasty vodka infusions, which mixers blend well and how to create flavourful cocktails for every occasion. Including twists on classic cocktails from bellinis and punches, to a whole host of delicious martinis you'll soon be saying; Sip sip hooray for vodka!


  • Depth : 2.00 cm
  • Height : 19.20 cm
  • Width : 14.00 cm


Format: Hardback

Extent: 144 Pages

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