Vegan Snacks And Munchies

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More than 60 recipes for vegan snacks guaranteed to satisfy your cravings as well as give your body both instant fuel and long-term health-enhancing nutrition.


  • Depth : 28.00 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 24.00 cm


  • Global brands have spotted the potential, Pret a Manger launching its vegan range recently and Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco launched its range of 100% plant-based meals to be sold in 600 stores across the UK.
  • The first all-vegan pub The Spread Eagle just opened in London’s Homerton in January 2018, catering to a young customer-base.
  • Delicious and innovative recipes to give your vegan nibbles a much-needed makeover.
  • It’s time to quit processed convenience snacks full of salt, sugar and dairy and choose a healthier way to graze. Here you’ll find nuts and other nibbles that make tasty and convenient snacks when hunger pangs strike. Next up portable pocket-size energy balls and bars are perfect for when you are on the move. There are recipes for feeding friends too – whip up a dip to serve at your next get-together. And if you are hosting a larger gathering, look no further than crunchy creole cauliflower, perfect for party platters! Finally, sweet treats that will pep up your next box-set binge include cocoa-almond freezer fudge pops, proving once and for all that plant-based snacking can be every bit as delicious as it is good for you!
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