The Little Book of Beer


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Everything you ever wanted to know about beer but were too busy drinking it to ask.
The Little Book of Beer is a light-hearted, irreverent but also informative book that cele-brates beer culture. The book should be something that enlightens the reader while also leaving them foaming (pun intended) at the month at the mere thought of going for a pint. It will show how beer is one of the great unifiers, a drink almost as old as time, and it is some-thing that brings people together and makes them happy. While it celebrates how beer has influenced popular culture and vice versa, it avoids falling into obvious traps of beer snob-bery or elitism.

Format: Hardback Extent: 192pp

  • Depth : 13.70 cm
  • Height : 11.30 cm
  • Width : 1.90 cm
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