The Curious Bartenders Guide To Gin

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Join the gin craze with this captivating introduction to the world of gin, plus recipes for perfect gin cocktails, brought to you by award-winning bartender and bestselling author Tristan Stephenson.


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  • Cocktail culture is showing no signs of slowing down and gin is the most used spirit in the cocktail world.
  • Britons bought more than 47 million bottles of gin in 2017, setting a new record, driven by the growth of craft and premium distillers.
  • Gin Tonica (July 2017, ISBN: 978-1-84975-853-0) has sold over 37,000 copies.
  • Discover the extraordinary journey that gin has taken, from its origins in the Middle Ages as the herbal medicine ‘genever’ to gin’s commercialization. From the dark days of the Gin Craze in mid 18th Century London to the golden age that it is now experiencing. In the last few years, hundreds of distilleries and micro-distilleries have cropped up all over the world, producing superb craft products infused with remarkable new blends of botanicals. In this book, you’ll be at the cutting-edge of the most exciting developments, uncovering the alchemy of the gin production process and the science. Next follow Tristan's expertly honed recipes to enjoy a Classic Martini, Negroni, Gimlet, Aviation, Martinez and Singapore Sling at home.
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