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This is the book for the 16 Million of us that woke up the day after the night before the EU referendum to find our Euro dreams in tatters. This is a book about leaving when you really wanted to stay. This is a book about having to deal with the consequences of someone else's decision. This is a book that will lead you mindfully (and not without some good hearted political mockery) down the path of acceptance into the cold hard Brexit dawn. Through a series of therapeutic exercises we will overcome our depression and grief around the EU referendum result and walk tall post Brexit. Activities include: Philosophy - Did David Cameron actually ever really exist? Soothing Art: Colour-in the beautiful 28 petals of a flower (oh dear - one petal has fallen off and is withering in the dirt) Acceptance: Who needs olives when you have pickled eggs? Relaxation: Why not take time out with a stress busting game of Pokemon Gove - see if you can find where Michael is hiding?


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