The Bailey's Cookbook: Bakes, Cakes and Treats for All Seasons

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Baileys is so much more than a delicious, indulgent drink.
It’s a divine doughnut in the spring sunshine, a spiced cold brew at a summer picnic, a heavenly
chocolate pot after an autumn walk and a feel-good fondue eaten in your winter pyjamas.
In these pages, you’ll discover more than 60 recipes to take you year-round with Baileys, from
scrumptious cocktails and sensational desserts to five-star hot chocolates and simple puddings with a twist. Mouth-watering truffles, delectable rocky road, luscious ripple ice cream, decadent s’mores and dreamy cheesecakes – all perfect for a moment of pure pleasure.
So dive in and treat yourself...

2,400 glasses of Baileys is consumed every minute of every day.

First created in Ireland in 1974, Baileys can now be enjoyed in 160 countries worldwide.


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