Saver Tin - Great Escape (Holiday £500)


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This £5 saver tin is a great way to stash those £1 and £2 coins. Each tin holds exactly £5 when full. This tin has been specially created for those who are saving up for a dream holiday and features a gorgeous 'great escape' themed design.

HOLDS £500 - Having the capacity to hold five hundred pounds in £1 and/or £2 coins, this is the tin that's really worth its weight in gold.

GREAT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS - Great for that person you know who either likes to, or needs to, save some serious money for a holiday trip away

SAFELY LOCKED AWAY - Comes complete with a mini padlock to keep prying hands away from super savings

GAP YEAR SAVINGS - Save up for your traveling gap year abroad in style with this novelty money saver tin. Every penny counts

  • Depth : 9.00 cm
  • Height : 20.00 cm
  • Width : 9.00 cm
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