Posing Notes - Sexy

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Bored of those regular square shaped sticky notes piling up? Why not spice up your stationery with these Sexy Sticky note pads. Perfect for leaving important notes around the home or office! If you want your memos to be the first ones noticed, Gorgeous Gina, Magnificent Marilyn and Divine Doris are the perfect way to catch people's attention! These fun sticky notes don't just have to be bought as a gift, you can buy them to use around the house, office or whenever you see fit! Fun, functional and different, these sticky note pads are the perfect way to get people's attention - no one can avoid checking out a nice bit of eye candy.


  • Depth : 26.50 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 18.00 cm


  • Sexy Sticky Notes.
  • Notes that get noticed.
  • Suitable for use at home or in the office.
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