OK Boomer Book


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A hilarious collection of the very best ‘OK Boomer’ moments of the internet covering all aspects of modern life – the climate crisis to technology, customer service to pop culture, money to working life.
Favourites include:
Baby Boomers are always like ‘Did you put those holes in your jeans yourself?’ I DON’T KNOW, SUSAN, DID YOU PUT THE HOLE IN THE OZONE THERE YOURSELF? #OKBoomer
I just accidentally said LinkedIn Park while referring to the band #OKBoomer
My dad just told me to smile to get men to like me… #OKBoomer
Every time an angry baby boomer misspells millennial, an angel gets its student loans forgiven.

Extent: 160 pages

Format: Hardback

  • Depth : 17.50 cm
  • Height : 0.00 cm
  • Width : 12.80 cm
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