Nose Cups - Spinner Stock (96x2)

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Whether their barking mad about dogs, like to stomp around like elephants or roar with dinosaurs, kids want to be like their favourite animals. Our super bright Animal Nose Cups will get them one step closer, well as far as their noses go. Just tip your head and take a drink to instantly transform to one of eight funky creatures. We have 4 wild generic designs and 92 name designs for you to choose from. With these Animal Nose Cups kids will never turn their nose up at a drink again! The spinner stock pack contains two of each SKU.


  • Depth : 50.00 cm
  • Height : 176.00 cm
  • Width : 50.00 cm


  • Have fun and re-hydrate at the same time.
  • A perfect personal gifts for children.,/li>
  • Kids will never turn their nose up at a drink agains.
  • 92 name designs - 2 of each in the stock pack. 4 generic designs
  • Food Safe Plastic
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