Mind Gym - Puzzles To Exercise The Brain

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‘Senior Mind Gym’ will give anyone suffering from the memory glitches and fuzzy thinking that comes with age a fun brain-boosting workout. Do you keep forgetting where you put things – and, even, what those things are called? Has ‘thingy’ become one of your commonly used words? Do you find yourself feeling a bit befuddled? If so, it sounds like you’re suffering from what is commonly known as ‘Senior Moments’. But, never fear, ‘Senior Mind Gym’ is a comprehensive mental workout wrapped up in one handy book that will help reboot your scatterbrain. With fun quizzes, conundrums, crosswords, word games, sudoku, mazes and escape-the-page games you can sharpen your little grey cells with a daily workout. Regularly challenging your brain will help to improve your mental agility, concentration levels, memory and problem-solving skills – something we can all benefit from, at any age!


  • Depth : 21.00 cm
  • Height : 14.80 cm
  • Width : 1.90 cm


Format: Hardback Extent: 128pp

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