Boris Bog Roll

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"Has your trump turned into a big, stinky Boris? Wipe away the Brexshit with this hilariously Boris bog roll, and leave no trace of your recent “EU” on the loo! This humorous novelty toilet roll has Mr Johnson’s face all over it, and complete with fun and colourful gift packaging, you can make streaky remainders a no show! (Especially when it’s a mixture of Harry Houdini and a greased piglet…) Let’s face it, political poop cleans away much easier when you use loo roll as soft as Bo-Jo’s silky locks. “I’d rather be dead in a ditch, than be caught short!” {No Show Bo-Jo} "


  • Depth : 9.50 cm
  • Height : 9.50 cm
  • Width : 10.00 cm


  • HILARIOUS BORIS BOG ROLL - Wipe away the bullshit with this hilariously cheeky Boris bog roll.
  • WIPE YOUR DITCH WITH BOJO'S FACE - Complete with fun and bright gift packaging, this toilet roll has Boris Johnson’s face all over it! (So you can admire the Prime Minister while you take a dump)
  • SOFT AND SILKY - Soft and silky like Bo-Jo’s hair, this loo roll is perfect for clearing away political poo.
  • THE PERFECT FUNNY POLITICAL GIFT - Celebrate all things Boris with politics loving friends and family with this novelty toilet paper roll that’s as long as Brexit itself! Whether it's for secret santa, birthdays or christmas, this Boris bog roll is sure to make people laugh!
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