4 Spike Water Kit

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Keep your plants when you are away! Multi spike kit provides controlled watering for 4 plants for up to 12 days. Just add a bottle or any water container to create an indoor plant watering system. Kit inlcudes 4 adjustable flow taps with 4 x 50cm mutli coloured wicking cords. Plus 2 spare longer 70cm cords for those harder to reach plants. Never let your plants dry out again!


  • Depth : 17.50 cm
  • Height : 2.30 cm
  • Width : 8.00 cm


  • Multi plant system for up to 6 plants
  • Control valve to adjust flow requirements, tighten to reduce flow
  • You choose the water containers - a larger container = longer watering
  • Nylon/polyester cords - will not rot
  • Multi colour and multi length cords
  • Perfect if you are going away or are just forgetful!

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