3d Xmas Door Hangers - Libby

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Why not entice Santa to stop at your house with one of these 3D personalised door hangers. They are a perfect accessory for the children's bedroom door, with the lenticular 3D effect the name and images really catch your eye, and to make sure Santa knows exactly what he's dropping off there is even a wish list on the back. These door hangers come in variety of names and slogans with either a cool blue or festive green design, as they move the lenticular effect brings these hangers to life.


  • Depth : 26.50 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 18.00 cm


  • Ensure your door stands out from the rest with these festive 3D door hangers.
  • Tha Xmas hangers come in a variety of names.
  • Lenticular effect.
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