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Bad Vibes -Talking Vibrator
Bad Vibes Talking VibratorBad Vibes -Talking Vibrator - view 2

Bad Vibes -Talking Vibrator

Product Code: OT1102
This is a REAL 7" TALKING VIBRATOR that comes complete with a MAN'S voice giving various excuses for not wanting to perform for the user. But it's not all BAD VIBES - ONE of the phrases is most certainly flirtacious...

Can you spot which one it is?

The four phrases are -

"Go away, I've got a headache"
"Mmm, you're looking cute tonight honey"
"Sorry, I have to get up early tomorrow"
"Hell, can't you get a real man?"

This Girly Gift will certainly surprise the recipient but will also give her a Buzzzzzz....


  • Face sticker is removable, leaving a genuine 7 inch vibrator
  • Voice is activated when box lid is removed, and plays saying at random!
  • Vibrator requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)


  • Genuine working 7 inch Vibrator
  • Hilarious talking voice module


  • 18cm (7 inches) x 5cm (2 inches)
7.99 [approx. $11.99]

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