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Risque | Erotic and Edible | Chocolate and Strawberry Body Pen

Chocolate And Strawberry Body Pen
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Chocolate And Strawberry Body Pen

Product Code: FP7003
The LOVER'S Chocolate and Strawberry Body Pen Set is an erotic and sensual way to indulge your sweet tooth - AND have some fun!

Each pack contains both Chocolate and Strawberry flavoured Pens that extrude a sweet liquid which is great to eat - and easy to apply.

Using the pens is a romantic way to create fun messages that are for your partners eyes only! Once read, you must destroy the evidence. Do this in the most delicious way possible by slowly and sensually - licking it off!!

Try not to get too carried away - your partner may make you eat your own words!! Mmmmmmm...

Each Body Pen contains 40 grams of delicious Strawberry or Chocolate flavoured liquid - which tastes so good!


  • 1 Chocolate flavoured BODY PEN
  • 1 Strawberry flavoured BODY PEN


  • Box: 18cm (7 inches) x 21cm (8 inches)
  • Each pen contains 40 grams.
5.99 [approx. $8.99]

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