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Risque | Gentleman's Ball Scratcher

Gentlemans Ball Scratcher

Gentlemans Ball Scratcher

Product Code: OT2002
Sick of seeing the bloke from accounts squirming uncomfortably at his desk? Well, there'll be no need for Itchy Ian to fear those uncomfortable personal niggles when he has the executive ballscratcher at hand. He can just get in there and scratch!

Shaped like a little metal hand on a stick, it's the best, most hygenic and socially acceptable way to subtley scratch that tickly spot in public.

Presented in an elegant metal case, this is the ultimate gift for the high flyer who thinks he has it all. He'll wonder how he managed before you bought him this rummaging stick!

Metal scratcher for allieviating executive itches.

Stylishly presented in a discreet and elegant box.

A perfect gift for chaps with irritating itches.

One size scratches all balls!

Gift box contains 1 ball scratcher


  • 1 Silver plated 'Ball Scratcher' in a quality metal case


  • Box: 23.5cm (9.5 inches) x5 cm (2 inches)
  • Scratcher: 23 cm (9 inches)
14.99 [approx. $22.49]

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