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6 Coloured-Flame Tea Light Candles Purple, Orange, Green

6 Coloured-Flame Tea Light Candles Purple, Orange, Green

Product Code: SP7213
Ever wondered what the colour of love is? Light up your evenings with these Coloured Flame Tea Light Candles and as well as bringing some quirkiness to your tableware, you might just discover which colour lights the fuse of romance, which stokes the coals of fun and which is best for just winding down and relaxing with. They’re candles for all table decorations and are perfectly festive at Christmas too!

Included in this set are Purple, Orange and Green flamed candles and with each colour flame candle coming in its own elegant glass holder, they’ll look good wherever you decide to use them. Decorate your table with these elegant tea lights and really set the mood in style!

By buying the Rainbow Moments brand, you know you're getting the genuine article. Each Coloured Flame Tea Light Candle is NON-TOXIC, of the highest quality and has a Burning Time of 60 Minutes.

There are 2 more colour combinations in the Colour Flame Tea Light Candles selection: 'Red and Green' and 'Red, Green and Orange'

Part of the Rainbow Moments Range, these quirky, coloured flame additions to your tableware are just one of the many types of colourful and Colour Flame candles available. Other candles include:
Coloured Flame Icicle Candles: Enchant your dinner guests with this unique and sophisticated tableware
Colour Flame Tapered Dinner Candles: Delight your guests and serve up a treat
Festive Drip Candles: Bring some festive flicker to your Christmas dinner
Rainbow Drip Candles: Put fun, funk and colour into your tableware
Coloured Flame Birthday/Party Candles: Unique brithday candles for children's parties.
Jumbo Colour Flame Birthday/Party Candles: Bigger candles so less are needed - great for older birthdays
And many of these are perfectly festive at Christmas too!


  • 6.0 X 6.0 X 19.0
9.99 [approx. $14.99]

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