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Novelties | Fun Games | Skitterbot - Desk Pets

Skitterbot - Desk Pets

Skitterbot - Desk Pets

Product Code: GA4001
The Skitterbot is an ideal gift for any child or adult! It comes in 4 colours; red, green, blue and clear.


- USB Chargeable
- Fastest legged bot
- Flashing heartbeat eyes
- Each colour has its own frequency
- Can be raced
- Can be fought
- Last command memory
- Retractable USB remote control / recharger

WARNING: Not for children younger than 3 years.


  • 1 x Skitterbot - Desk Pet with USB Chargeable Remote Control


  • Length: 23.5cm x Width: 13.5cm


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9.99 [approx. $14.99]

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