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Occasions | Stag Night | Inflatable Sheep & Handcuffs

Inflatable Sheep & Handcuffs
Inflatable SheepInflatable Sheep Pack

Inflatable Sheep & Handcuffs

Product Code: BB2103
What stag night would be complete without your very own Inflatable Sheep?! And to ensure you never part company it comes complete with attached Hand Cuffs!

Now try explaining THAT to the bride-to-be in the morning!

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  • 1 size fits the brave!
  • Great for stag nights and boys night out!


  • 1 x Inflatable Sheep
  • 1 x Hand Cuffs


  • Packaging: 16.5cm (6.5 inches) x 19.5cm (7.5 inches) x 4cm (1.5 inches)
  • Sheep - 30cm (12 inches) from head to toe
5.99 [approx. $8.99]
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