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Bonkin' Biscuits- Kama Sutra Kookie Kutters

Bonkin' Biscuits- Kama Sutra Kookie Kutters

Product Code: OT2030
Now you can create your very own "Bonkin' Biscuits" with our new Kama Sutra Kookie Cutters.

Includes 4 key 'positions' from the Kama Sutra, this gives "taking the biscuit" a whole new meaning!

Just don't let Granny get her hands on them by mistake...


  • A great novelty gift for family, friend or foe!


  • 4 x Kama Sutra Cutters


  • Length: 22.5cm X Width: 15.5cm X Depth: 6cm
7.99 [approx. $11.99]

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