Wax Flameless Candle

These beautifully carved Wax Flameless candles come in 5 designs for the special people in your life. You can have a warm flickering glow at the flick of a switch! No need for matches and no messy wax drips everywhere. As well as the family titles, Home Is Where The Heart Is makes the perfect new home gift or is ideal for any student away from home for the first time! Order now to ensure the special person in your life has a magical glow from their candle this Christmas!   http://www.boxergifts.com/cgi-bin/sh000500.pl?WD=wax%20flameless&PN=Wax-Flameless-Candles%2ehtml#a3541

For more information get in touch with sales@boxergifts.com or call us on 01133 955 595.

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