Stocking Fillers! We Love Them!

For many, stocking fillers are what make Christmas. They can be funny, personal,unique… or even all 3! Here at Boxer we have the perfect gift for anyone’s stocking! They’ll make you go ‘aaaww’, they’ll make you ‘ooooh’, they’ll make you smile and some might even get you roaring with laughter! We’re your one-stop stocking filler gift destination!


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Spinner Pen

Fidget spinners are the latest craze, and now you can spin while you write! Impress your friends or relieve your boredom in mindless meetings! These spinner pens are the perfect gifts for spinners both old and young. A great way to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained and out of the way! Available in assorted colours.

RRP £4.99








Poo Timer

Times up, get wiping! Perfect for those homes with a que for the bathroom, well with this Poo timer the que will shorten as you race against the clock with this 5 minute sand-timer. A great little stocking filler for those who seem to take a lifetime on the toilet, encourage them to race against the clock with our hilarious poo.

RRP £4.99












Bike Mugs

Get off your bike and have a brew! We’re really rather chuffed with our bike mugs. Hook your fingers through the bike shaped handle and swig your tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate) whilst proudly displaying the slogan on the front. These mugs come in many gimmicky designs including: Muck, Sweat & Gears, Bike Prep, Leader of the pack and King Of The mountain. A great unique gift for someone who loves to get out on their bike.

RRP £7.99

‘Grow A’ Range

Our ‘Grow A’ range will fill you with wonder! From unicorns to poo, there’s something for everyone. Each product can grow up to 6x it’s normal size when placed in water. When left out of water the product will shrink back to its normal size, ready to grow again. Order now, there’s still time before the Christmas shopping rush! We have a design for everyone’s stocking this year.

RRP £3.99


Pooping Unicorn

Unicorns are symbolic of magic, miracles and jelly beans! Lift up his rainbow tail and he’ll return the favour by dropping a colourful sweet deposit into your hand. Don’t feel too repulsed though, as it’s actually a sweet chewy jelly bean! Once you’ve enjoyed the original poops delivered by this magical unicorn, you can refill it with your own jelly beans and enjoy the poop producing fun over and over. An excellent novelty stocking filler for those that love both unicorns and jelly beans!

RRP £7.99

Emoji’s are a useful way to show your mood when sending texts so why not use them the office? Each page is divided into 4 sections with a different icon. Flip to create a message that fits your mood.
RRP £5.99



Emoji Lip Gloss

Why not treat your lips with one of these fun emoji lip-glosses. There are four fun designs that come in this CDU…whether you’re the cool kid, joker, loved up one or flirt there is the perfect lipgloss for you.

RRP £2.99












How To Speak Emoji Book

The ultimate emoji phrase book and dictionary.

RRP £9.99

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