It’s A New Year – Get Saving!

As the title says, It’s a New Year. 2018 will see loads of new products from Boxer Gifts, from new glassware ranges to new Grow products. We are attending some exiting shows where you can meet the amazing team. That’s enough about us, this blog is for you. It’s January, it may be a dry one for some but either way now is defiantly the time to start saving. Want a new car? We have a tin for that. An exotic holiday? We’ve got you covered. Brexit? Everyone should probably be prepared for that one! We have a great range of Saving, Fine and Fund Tins for every goal. The RRP ranges from £2.99 – £5.99 (depending on how much money you want to save).


Beer Fund Saver
RRP £2.99


Swearing Fine Tin
RRP £2.99


Brexit Saver TinRRP £5.99

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