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Everyone has their favourite mug, a mug they can always rely on to hold the perfect brew. At Boxer we’re exactly the same and hopefully this shows how seriously we take our mugs for our special brews. We all like our hot drinks made differently so why shouldn’t we have own special mug to proudly showcase our choice of drink. Whether you’re a cycling fanatic or just love a brew, Boxer has a perfect mug for you. We design our mugs with you in mind to make you brew drinking experience personal.

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Bike Mug – Boxer Best Seller

Get off your bike and have a brew! We’re really rather chuffed with our bike mugs. Hook your fingers through the bike shaped handle and swig your tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate) whilst proudly displaying the slogan on the front. These mugs come in many gimmicky designs including: muck, sweat & gears, Bike prep, Leader of the pack and King of the mountain.

RRP £7.99

Victoriana Mug

Love the classic shape of a Victorian style mug? Well have a closer look at the not-so Victorian sentiments. Wonderfully offensive titles that can’t help but raise a smile. For yourself or a friend – there is a title to suit all!

RRP £6.99


Hangover Mug

Don’t be a mug when it comes to hangovers – get your hands on this double handed ‘Hangover Alert’ Massive Mug. This humongous 32 fl. oz mug not only helps you see off a morning hangover – it also tells those around you not to bother you till it has! The ‘Hangover Alert’ Massive Mug also comes with two handles – helping your hungover hands lift its massive amount of tea or coffee! It’s a great and fun gift mug for a friend, family member or work colleague with a thirst for alcohol, tea and of course – humour! Perfect for birthday’s, Christmas and good old Secret Santa’s.

RRP £6.99

Grow A Pair Mug

Watch this mug reveal a little too much every time you make yourself a cheeky brew. Fill the mug with a hot drink and watch as the true ‘pair’ reveals itself!

RRP £6.99

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