Boxer’s Top Gifts – Mum and Dad.

Buying for Mum’s and Dad’s is always a struggle! Over the years they’ve probably given you loads of amazing gifts. Now it’s time to return the favour! Whether Dad thinks he’s on Master Chef or Mum never gets time to relax Boxer has a great range to offer. Let’s make it easier for our consumers to buy for Mum and Dad this year! With our great range of perfect gift ideas we have something for every Mum and Dad.


Top Gifts For Dad


Man Cooking Apron.

This cooking apron is a great gift idea for Dad or any other men in your life! If he doesn’t usually cook then this apron will become his excuse to get in the kitchen (or have a beer). The Man Cooking apron will help Dad stay stress free and under control with pockets for salt, pepper, chilli, a fire extinguisher, a bottle opener and three bottles of beer…. of course!

RRP £13.99











Bottle Opener – Beer Bottle

A bottle opener blokes can’t lose! Stick it on the fridge and it’ll be on hand whenever Dad gets thirsty. These realistic looking beer bottle, bottle openers look like they are filled with your favorite brew and are finished with a humorous brewery style label. A great stocking filler for Dad!

RRP £4.99







Bar Sign.

Every bloke needs a space to call his own and our brilliant range of bar signs will help him really stamp his name on it. The range includes 7 generic designs – for Dads, Grandads and all the other men in your life and 89 popular men’s names.

RRP £4.99–Generic-2-1%2ehtml#aTF4021





How To Order Beer.                                                                                                                                                                                    

We all know a bloke that likes to try and show off! With this glass they’ll actually be able to impress friends and family both in the UK and overseas. Never again will language get in the way of ordering a beer! This trusty pint glass will help you order a beer in loads of countries! Displaying 26 languages from around the world, you will become a beer-ordering guru in no time at all.  Fun, educational and different these glasses are the perfect way to become admired among your friends & family for being the one person who can get them a beer anywhere, anytime!

RRP £11.99—HOW-TO-ORDER-A-BEER–%2ehtml#aNI1201





Senior Moment Sign.

Is Dad getting to that age where senior moments are becoming a regular occurrence? That’s exactly what our desk warning signs are there for! Pre-warn his colleagues before he has a senior moment at work. These funny desk warning signs are the perfect gimmicky accessory for Dad’s desk at work.

RRP £4.99














Mug – Coffee Helps get Shit Done.

Is Dad a lover of coffee? Does he need that morning coffee to get him going? Then this mug is perfect for him! These classically shaped Victorian style mugs have wonderfully offensive titles that can’t help but raise a smile.


RRP £6.99






Top Gifts For Mum

Slate Signs.

Love Mum’s cooking and have to go back for seconds? These beautifully crafted slate signs are a perfect gift to show your appreciation. Fill Mum’s (or Dad’s) kitchen with love and happiness with these cute sentiment slate signs. These come in a range of designs and will add an endearing touch to any kitchen. The pastel text on the black slate make for a unique, stand out gift. A perfect addition to any kitchen.

RRP £5.99


Wine Stopper.

Mum’s like a glass of wine in the festive season, stop her getting too merry before Christmas dinner is finished with one of our wine stoppers. We have a huge range of designs, one of which is sure to be perfect for your Mum.

RRP £5.99/ £4.99




Mum Starlight Bottle.

Brighten up Mum’s Christmas day with a gorgeous Starlight Bottle. This is the perfect gift for Mum at any time of the year! With a loving sentiment on the front of the bottle and twinkly star shaped LED’s inside, add to the Christmas spirit with one of our best-selling Starlight Bottles.

RRP £8.99











Upside Down Bottle.

Christmas dinner cooked? Then it’s time to let Mum and Dad relax, what better way then using an Upside Down Wine Bottle Glass. Get rid of the wine stopper and empty the whole bottle into one glass, saving trips to and from the fridge.

RRP £14.99












How To Order Wine.

Dad always showing off to Mum? Help Mum turn the tables with a ‘How To Order’ wine glass. Never again will language get in the way of Mum ordering a vino! This trusty glass will help you order a glass of wine in loads of countries! Displaying 25 languages from around the world, you will become a wine-ordering guru in no time at all.

RRP £11.99—HOW-TO-ORDER-GLASS-OF-WINE–%2ehtml#aNI1202

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