Fairy Decoration

Give a little Christmas gift they’ll cherish forever. Boxer’s cute personalised Elf and Fairy decorations feature a wide range of names for all the family especially the kids, which will help add a little more magic to the tree on Christmas day.

Group the Elf and Fairy decorations together to create a snowy version of your own family, hang them from your tree, or give them as Christmas presents. The vibrant colours will help them stand out from the rest and surely bring out the festivity on the big day. Spinners free with stock.xef406

xef400-1 xef401 xef402

Bike mugs

We’re really rather chuffed with this new ceramic mugs. Hook your fingers through the bike shaped handle and swig your tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate) whilst proudly displaying your chosen slogan.

This mug is part of a 5 piece range of bike mugs, each with its own gift box: ‘Muck Sweat & Gears’, ‘Leader of the Pack’, ‘King of the Mountain’, ‘Bike Prep’ & ‘Live to Ride’.

MU3509 MU3510

Mason Jar Saver Tins

Want someone to start saving a few extra pennies or can’t think of a reason to save yourself, well here are a few ideas.
Catch someone out and make them pay up for any annoying habits or sneaky secret nibbling, whether they are becoming a grumpy old man, attempting a bikini body diet, a swearing trooper or secret popper, the greater the cheat, the greater the wad.
These cute Mason jar savers are a great way to save money and have fun…cause a fine and save a dime.




Desk Warning sign

Need a way to warn colleagues away from your desk without causing offence? Or unsuspecting victims from the bathroom at home?

Well why not pop one of our mini warning signs up to stop any unnecessary offence or embarrassment.

These funny desk warning signs are a perfect gimmicky accessory for your desk at work or at home, they come in a range of designs including; No Farting, No bulls**t zone, Mood swing in operation, Diet zone, Deeply satisfying poo in progress.

All Warning Signs In One Picture

Emoji bar blades bottle openers


For all those emoji fans, there’s a perfect accessory. These magnetic beer bottle openers have a gimmicky sentence spelt out in emoji symbols well suited for the beer lover. They also are magnetized to stick on the fridge door so are always in easy reach whilst grabbing an ice cold beer.

There are 5 designs in total including: Beer O’clock somewhere, I could kill for a beer, I’d love a beer, Beer monster and 2 beers please

BO1105-3BO1101-1    BO1101-2

Bike chain bottle opener

Bit of a biking fanatic? Already have all the biking gear? Well I doubt you have a bike chain bottle opener…..this quirky little bottle opener is the perfect present for the biking fanatic.
It is made from an actual bike chain, wrapped around a circular bottle opener, with the slogan ‘LIVE TO RIDE’ printed on the front.

BO1202 BO1202-1

Emoji Glow in the dark stickers

Emojis: those smiley faces, pictures and symbols that pop up on your text messages and add personality to your social media posts – we love ’em, so why stop there….add these glow in the dark stickers to everything in your daily life; jazz up your notepads, spruce up your pin boards or get the full effect and stick them on your bedroom celling and watch them glow when your drifting off at night.


Harrogate Xmas Fair 2016

For an exciting chance to see some of our latest products, why not pop down to the Harrogate Christmas & Gift fair on the 10th – 13th January 2016

We are going to be exhibiting in Hall C on stand C21.

We will be presenting numerous of our fun and festive themed products from books to gifts, including: our Christmas cracker joke book, personalised snowmen decorations and Ho Ho Ho Xmas mints.


We also have a variety of Festive themed books that would be a perfect idea for the little ones over the Christmas period, and for the older end customers we will be showing our novelty magnetic beer bottle openers and our attractive stainless steel wine stoppers to help keep the adults entertained over Christmas.

Thank you for taking time out to read this and we hope to see you down there on one of the above dates.

If you require any more information please feel free to contact our sales team on sales@boxergifts.com or telephone on 0113 3 955595